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My 2018 Crypto Investment Strategy

2018 is going to be a whole new year for investing in crypto. I'd like to share my 2018 strategy to hear any feedback and also to help those that may need some help navigating their own strategy. Feedback is welcome.
*Disclaimer: I am not a day trader, I'm a HODL'er. I am taking long term positions on these currencies below.
Foundational Currencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Monero are the clearing houses for the day traders. That's where they "cash out". So BTC/ETH/LTC/XMR will stabilize and increase as the value of the funds the day traders are storing in those coins increases. Ether is faster and easier to deal with than BTC so I expect Ether to grow significantly this year. I expect the other mentioned coins to grow slower than ETH, and probably more incremental growth than the 2017 run up. So, I'm going in heavy on Ether as my foundational investment, for stability and above-average incremental growth.
Then there are the Alt-Coins. There are so many to choose from. It's impossible to be in all of them, and you shouldn't be anyways. I try to look ahead a bit and think about how these coins can be categorized and how they will work together in the new marketplace.
Network/Platform Coins: I'm excited to see how some of these network/platform/infrastructure-like coins perform this year. Ardor, Ignis, Cardano, Iota, Stellar, will they grow? Will their child chains take off, or will everyone just keeping making ERC20 tokens because it's easier? How many of the mentioned coins are really feasible? Can my iPhone really verify a blockchain transaction? How about my Nest thermostat? Time will tell. Regardless, I like ALL of these coins. These are the Verizons and National Grid's and Comcasts of the crypto world.
Banking Coins: Coins that will supposedly "revolutionize" the way big banks work together. This is a tricky segment. Will Ripple just take over as a way of letting Wall Street have it's seat at the crypto-table? I mean we are all making money here. Or is Ripple the biggest of all scams? Why can't the banks just use the same coins the rest of the world will be using, such as BTC/LTC/ETH/XMR? What are we really buying? Too many questions, not enough real answers available yet. Seems like no one really knows. So, I'm heavy on XRP Ripple in this segment until further notice.
Security/Privacy: Security Coins like XMR Monero, XVG Verge, Zcash, and Dash will all do well this year. The ICO scammers need to hide their money somewhere, and the underground market needs a way to buy and sell, especially with the increased level of government involvement in the marketplace. Verge is the cheapest right now, and their team is doing some great work. Monero is a well known and highly successful coin, and Verge has a lot of attention and backing, so those are my two favorites of the bunch.
Hosting/Content/Data: These coins have a very real future if the developers come through. It won't happen tomorrow though, so everyone needs to be patient and keep buying into them, if the teams hold up their end of the bargain these will be the Azure/AWS and Clear Channels and Hulus of crypto. I like Tron, Sia, and Poet POE the best in this space.
Crypto-Market Coins: Coins that reflect the growth of an actual business in the crypto space. These are coins for mining pools, hardware manufacturers, advertising companies, and most importantly: exchanges. So much money gets left in the exchange coffers at the end of every trading day. I'm big on BNB Binance's own coin for now, but I plan to dig deeper and find a few other exciting options to offset this position.
Specific Segment Coins: Coins designed for a specific market (think gambling coins, strip club coins, grocery store coins, blah blah). All of these coins will be fun to play with but I don't expect much real long term value will come out of the tokens that you can buy on the open market. So, these are fun for speculation and volatility. These also make good ICO tokens to purchase for bonus' and such and you can always sell for a longer term investment. Again, not my thing really, I prefer to hodl. I do have a small stake in FunFair FUN
So, in summary, I'm in a LOT of different coins, at varying levels based on my desired risk level and my short and long term growth goals:
Good luck in 2018, and feel free to vote up if you found this article helpful.
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